Hosting WordPress is easy, right?

It seems like just about anyone can tinker around and build a WordPress website these days. Hosting a WordPress site is probably easy too, right? A quick Google search will show that there are an overwhelming amount of cheap WordPress hosting providers out there. One-click WordPress installs, hosted for only a few dollars per month! Yes, you can go this route and get hosting with GoDaddy or another budget hosting service, but believe me when I say that the old adage, “You get what you pay for”, is never more true than with web hosting!

A cheap hosting package may look like an enticing way to save money, but buyer beware, not all hosting is created equal! Cheap hosts will often power your site, alongside hundreds or thousands of other sites on the same server… because essentially the more sites or paying customers they can cram into one server, the more money they’re raking in. Conversely, a good host will not do this to you!

Thankfully, however, a new model of hosting emerged around 2010, ushering in a golden age of WordPress focused hosting! These new companies were suddenly offering “managed” hosting services for WordPress, specifically specializing in all aspects of hosting WordPress sites, at all levels of scale. The “managed” aspects of these hosts included highly innovative and proprietary processes and software in order to efficiently power modern WordPress websites.

What sort of amenities should you expect out of a modern day WordPress focused host?

  • Enterprise Grade Security with constant monitoring for all possible attack vectors. Utilizing a WAF (Web Application Firewall) amongst many other techniques.

  • Multiple Environments (Development, Staging, Production/Live) that can be spawned and migrated with ease.

  • Modern server architecture, such as Google Cloud or Amazon AWS.

  • A system or tools that optimize your site for the speedy delivery of your content to your users. Things such as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) and File and Database Caching are two top methods that will help to speed up your site.

  • Free secure certificates - SSL - Creates a secure HTTPS connection between your web server and each end user who access your site, encrypting all data transmissions between both computers, ensuring that all data will remain secure and unbreached.

  • An easy to use backup management system that will allow you to create new backups and restore backups with ease, as well as the ability to store multiple previous backups.

  • Support for modern developer tools and workflows. (ie. GIT, WP-CLI, etc…)

  • High quality support that is lightning fast and WordPress focused.

All of these various features are what a modern WordPress host should offer. WordPress focused hosting has been a thing for 8+ years or more now, and many more companies are starting to follow this business model, so the competition is growing, which is exciting! However, of these modern day amenities or features, I believe that a high level quality of “Support” is likely the most difficult to achieve greatness with. So essentially, finding a company that has great support is really where you can receive a lot of added value in choosing the right hosting solution.

Companies such as WP Engine, are at the forefront of this WordPress hosting revolution. They offer everything from above list of amenities, in addition to a constantly improving platform, and new features being rolled out regularly. All that is great, but what truly sets WP Engine apart is their army of WordPress support experts, instantly available via live chat, who can help you with just about anything—aside from actually developing and building your site for you!

They really allow their support experts to go above and beyond the type of support that a typical host would provide. They really can be lifesavers, diving into your site, troubleshooting, and assisting with resolving seemingly any kind of issue. I’ve personally dealt with many different web hosts over the course of 20 years, and what WP Engine is doing is next level—and it just makes so much sense. Their support is instant, and it’s the expert you need, when you need!

This is why has partnered with WP Engine for all WordPress hosting needs. We work alongside WP Engine as an agency partner, and fully believe that with WP Engine, we are providing the highest level of services to our customers. Please contact us to learn more about how and WP Engine can help you realize your website goals!

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